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    About Us

    We’re not saying Snow Mountain has special powers, but a lot of magical things do happen here. The slopes on Bald and Dollar mountains enjoy a nearly lift line–free existence all winter long, not to mention a nearly cloud-free one.

    To those who wish to experience the best holiday time ever, we are excited to offer unlimited fun on the slopes, homey cosiness, wonderful views and snow activities. All this selection is presented in a great variety for any taste, age and skill. We are looking forward to seeing you in Snow Mountain ski resort at new season!

    Your Boarding Pass Has Its Benefits.

    Bonus for SEA, PDX and LAX flights passengers!
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    Our Ski School for Adults and Children.

    We identify the things that are stopping from skiing well.
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    Choice of Ski or Snowboard Equipment.

    Step by step on how to pick the right ski boots for you.
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    Secret Season

    Save Up To 30%
    Spring Lodging!

    Insiders know that spring is the best time to bring your family to Snow Mountain. With unlimited sunshine, great snow conditions, and plenty of family-friendly activities to enjoy at both base areas, spring is the best-kept secret of the season. But hurry...with deals this good they won't stay a secret for long!

    Snow Mountain

    What do we offer

    Season Passes



    Get access to the best skiing in Utah along with many other great perks!
    ADULT FROM $549


    Skip the ticket window and get straight to the lift when you reload online!

    Choose what suits your style. Snow Mountain offers a variety of ticketing
    options to satisfy the needs of skiers of all ages and abilities.




    Clients About Us

    For many years I have gone to Snow Mountains and tackled the tough mountain. New comers to Snow Mountains at this season will not be able to experience the thrill but they will still be able to experience the thrill of a real mountain with endless open back country.

    Alisha Elliott

    Alisha Elliott

    I am level 3 snowboarder. Even so, it was kind of difficult to deal with some runs. The lower runs were always iced and bumpy. At the top it was better, but a little crowd. It seems to me Snow Mountains is a small place and there are not so many runs to go.

    Silvia Snow

    Silvia Snow

    It’s a nice resort. Plenty of slopes, lifts, bars and incredible views. The town is comfortable. You can find everything you need for a good vacation. The distances are small and you can easily find your destination. It is one of the best ski resort for family, that I know!

    Brianna Park

    Brianna Park

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